My New Song"I Will Remember"
Born in California, I'm a country girl who grew up on a ranch in Minnesota where my two brothers and I broke and trained Arabian Horses.

I come from a musical family of four generations of singers. I've sung for a small handful of people in coffee houses to completely filled stadiums. I'm a singer, songwriter. and recording artist who has had the opportunity to work with some of the best musicians in Nashville. My band, Peggy Lynn & The Vintage Cowboys, plays gigs all over southern California.

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After helping some of my fellow musicians with vocals I realized that I had a special gift for teaching voice. Seeing students reach their dreams is something I am passionate about. I believe it is important as a vocal coach to understand each student's style of music. Although basic vocal techniques of creating the vocal instrument are the same. It is also important for me as a coach to help my students develop their stage presence. The first question I will ask you is: "What are your goals?'' From there we can work towards attainable targets.

Throughout my journeys, I've had opportunities to meet celebrities from time to time, but what really matters is that I'm a Mother to three wonderful children. I value myself in being a caring instructor who is vested in helping my students reach and exceed their goals.

Singing is not only an art but mechanical skills
that enable the singer to achieve optimal tone and pitch.

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